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Meet Liesel

"As an impressionist painter, I capture my subjects with rich colors and expressive brush strokes to create visually delicious paintings which are joyful or soothing. I create these little slices of life to give one a breath of fresh air and to be reminded of the good things that are all around us."

An avid plein air and studio painter, Liesel paints landscapes, still life and animals. Drawn to the joy in her work, collectors frequently hang her works in their bedrooms and workspaces to personally inspire them. Her artwork can be found in collections throughout the United States.

The artist, Liesel Lund, painting outdoors in the fall weather. Painting is of the sunflowers in her garden.

What Collectors Have to Say

Oh my word! Just opened the package and was so incredibly pleased to see your painting!! It’s even more beautiful than I remembered. If the true purpose of art is to lift the soul and transport us to a different place and time, your painting is a passport to a perfect day.”


D. Harris

"For me, Liesel's paintings that play with color and light just evoke warmth and joy.  I have several of her paintings, but my MOST FAVORITE hangs over my desk and is clearly visible from my bed, so it's one of the first things I see in the morning.  It's a symphony of light and color - what a way to start every day!"

A. Tearse

We are happy owners of three Liesel Lund originals. They are on display in our art gallery in our home. What I love about Liesel's work is that she captures the essence of her subjects so well. Each image is a moment captured on canvas; that moment is being lived in by the painting's subject, be it a cow, a duck or a heron, and one senses that those subjects are really present in their setting, not just artificially placed there by the artist.  Liesel's paintings don't just hang on the wall, they LIVE in our home.


Steve & Kathleen D.

Oil painting of sunflowers by Liesel Lund.

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Meet Our Team

Photo of the artist outdoors.

Liesel Lund

The Artist and creative force.

Oil painting by Liesel Lund of a tabby cat bathing in the sunshine.

Bear and Co.

Studio assistants - work quality varies, easily distracted. Often found sleeping on the job.

Photo of the beach at Ebey's Landing, Whidbey Island, WA, USA.

Mother Nature

Works 24/7. Provides endless inspiration, but is not always cooperative.

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