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"The paintings I have are very personal. The one of the kitchen table makes my heart warm and it brings feelings of nostalgia. I spent countless hours at the kitchen table with my grandma, as a little kid, and as a big kid. The way you caught the sunshine rays, makes it feel like grandma still shining down on the farm and me.


The painting of the flowers in the Dahlia House makes my heart happy. It reminds me of what my mom and I created on our farm playground as “big kids”. This little garden stand has brought such joy and happiness to others.


These moments in time that you captured, are just priceless to me. I could not think of a better connection than an artist like you to bring these memories back to life. 


T. Knapp

Oil painting by Liesel Lund of the Sunny Kitchen at Anderson Farm
Oil painting of sunset.

What Clients Say

Impressionistic oil painting of a garden, trees and ocean.

Liesel is an incredible artist and I wish I had more wall space for all the paintings I love by her! I have one painting, a beautiful field of flowers overlooking Puget Sound, in my kitchen where I see it every day as I start my day. It makes me happy every time I see it - even after seeing it so often!


J. Dearden 

I adore the loose, colorful captures in Liesel’s works be it nature, place or object. She imbues a style of painting with a level of "soothing blissfulness" that is most uncommon but, infinitely desirable.

C. Weisz

Oil painting by Liesel Lund of Vintage Treasures on an old wood porch.
Oil painting by Liesel Lund of the beach at Ebey's Landing, Whidbey Island, WA, USA

I am uniquely privileged to have spent a few days in the deserts and mountains of the southwest with Liesel as she sought inspiration. One afternoon Liesel sketched and made notes on the edge of a babbling creek and a couple of days later, while sitting in a mountain meadow in northern Arizona, she painted the scene before her. I have 2 of Liesel's paintings, one in my bedroom depicting a bouquet of bursting colorful flowers I awake to each morning and the other, a coastal seascape, located on Whidbey Island not far from my Fidalgo Island boyhood residence to the north. This painting hangs in my living room adjacent to a 3'X4' marine map of the San Juan Islands, an arrangement which speaks to me frequently. I have long admired the Impressionistic paintings of the Masters and Liesel's hand is comparable.


T. Goslow

I enjoy nature and having images indoors to enjoy day and night, in any weather is a gift. Liesel is a lesson in how to embrace life, and her art has an exuberance that is embodied in her work. I can feel it every time I look at her art on my wall.

Liesel asked me weeks after I purchased her painting how "her trees" were doing, and that is when I realized how much Liesel shares herself and her love of life in her art. I'm so grateful to have that shared experience with her.

P. Richards

Oil painting by Liesel Lund of trees at the edge of a meadow.
Oil painting by Liesel Lund of a Route 66 Vintage Trailer

I'm charmed by Liesel's paintings. I place them where I frequently see them because her paintings evoke joy and happiness for me. Liesel well captures "spirit of time and place" - the soul or character of her subjects - be they a vintage camper or an old rain barrel among a cluster of summer sunflowers. 


S. Heath

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