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Kitten and Caboodle

We all have co-workers in our lives. Sometimes they are a joy and make our workplace more inviting, sometimes they are lazy and sleep on the job. In my studio, I have three dedicated co-workers. Their names are Bear Bear, Emmy Lou Love Muffin and Isabella Butterbean. They are cats.

Here is Bear, he modeled for this painting unknowingly. It is best to not let cats know when you are admiring them, as their self esteem is already off the charts.

He will often come to me when I am painting in the studio and meow for attention. I usually need a break anyway so we go sit for a visit together. Like my "regular" jobs, I find having others around me who need a coffee or purr break, is wonderful for keeping balance in life and remembering what is truly important.

Sun Bath, 12" x 12", Oil on board.

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