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Don't Hold Back is a celebration of the abundance of the garden.  It has a somewhat abstract and impressionistic style, with broad brush strokes and dabs of paint giving the impression of a lush bouquet. The colors are rich and warm, predominated by shades of orange, red, pink, and yellow with touches of green, evoking a sense of energetic warmth that is characteristic of a blooming garden.


The background behind the flowers is painted with washes of orange and pale hues that blend with the colors of the blooms, creating a cohesive and harmonious piece. The composition focuses on the dense cluster of flowers at the center, while the bottom part of the painting features some dripping and running paint effects in shades of orange and blue, adding a contemporary and dynamic element to the artwork.


This 16" x 20" x 7/8", unframed oil painting is created with museum quality materials and is wired and ready to hang. Add this to your home or office to bring in a burst of color and delight to inspire you through out your day.

Don't Hold Back, 16" x 20"


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