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This vase of sunflowers graces the table with an opened bottle of wine. Expressively painted to capture the richness of the bouquet set in a Tuscan village, 'Gathering Together' is a vibrant still life oil painting. It features a bouquet of sunflowers and other flowers arranged in a cream vase, with a dark, near-black bottle to its right. The sunflowers are painted with bold strokes of yellow, orange, and brown, capturing the flowers' lively essence and their bright petals. Small berries punctuate the arrangement with hints of deep red.


The bottle, with its reflective surface, adds contrast in both color and shape to the organic forms of the blooms. The background is a warm, textured golden hue, adding to the overall richness of the scene. Beneath the arrangement is a cork. The foreground is a checkered teal blue and white tablecloth that further accentuates the warm colors of the flowers.


The thick, impasto technique used gives the painting a lively, dynamic quality, making the elements pop with a three-dimensional effect. This painting captures the energy and joy of the subject matter with an old-world feel.


Measuring 12" x 12", this oil painting is created with museum quality materials. The piece is 7/8" deep, with dark brown outside edges and is unframed and ready to hang."

Gathering, 12" x 12"

SKU: 2311-2

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